New Collections

New collections are always welcome. These include:

  • Other archives
  • Community albums
  • Artist collections

Of particular interest are any collections that are less well-known or at risk of being lost.

Existing torrents are good, but they can be direct downloads as well.

To suggest a new collection, please e-mail Be sure to include a link to a torrent or download source.

Help Wanted on Existing Collections

The Help Wanted tag is for any collections that require assistance, so consider checking the tag and helping out where you can.


Running this isn’t cheap, and the cost grows when more collections are added. If you can, please consider buying some “coffee” on Ko-fi to help offset the costs. (If you include Rainwater Tornado in your note I will reserve the proceeds specifically for the costs associated with this project.)

Technical Assistance

  • You can seed these torrents on your own computer for added resilience. The updates section lists any new torrents.
  • If you have any ideas for how to improve the server infrastructure, please share them via e-mail at (Currently it’s just a basic DigitalOcean droplet with a block volume.)
  • If you have any ideas for how to improve the website, open an issue or pull request on GitHub.